Class Mutations – Dynamically Add Methods

Jul 06

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Software Version: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4
Tags: metamorphosis, php 5.4, technique morph, mutable, php5, trait, mutation class, mutable class, vibrant method, anomaly, remove course techniques, add class methods, class morph, php, PHP Traits
Data Included: PHP
Last Update: 12 August 13
Created: 11 August 13



 Version 1.2 coming quickly

I’m servicing a brand-new version which introduces a bit more flexibility when it pertains to overriding existing class approaches with altered techniques. Presently, one can only add new ‘mutated’ techniques however not change existing methods. (However, you could customize ‘altered’ methods). Version 1.2 will certainly resolve this, along with residential or commercial property exposure for mutated approaches (private/protected).


[Aug 11 2013]: 1.1.0– Prolonging from an altered course now inherits those altered methods.
[Aug 10 2013]: First Launch

Just what’s this?

A pack of three classes that allows you to dynamically add new approaches to a class or things utilizing closures (confidential features). Both static as well as instance approaches could be included.

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If you’re developing an internet site or internet application that needs to be modular or perhaps supply an API for plugin/module advancement, this mutations system can be extremely beneficial in offering flexibility.

What’s included?

Consisted of in the zip data is an examples directory with 4 commented PHP example submits that show you what’s feasible as well as the various implementations readily available to your version of PHP.

There are three courses, plus a trait. If you get on PHP version 5.4 or later, I suggest utilizing the characteristic, it’s a straightforward one-liner (or a three-liner if you require to implement your very own __ telephone call and __ callStatic approaches).

Need any type of assistance?

Really feel totally free to offer me a comment or send me message through email if you require any help or have any kind of concerns.


I’m working on a brand-new variation which introduces a bit extra flexibility when it comes to bypassing existing course methods with mutated methods. Presently, one could just add brand-new ‘mutated’ approaches but not change existing methods. Variation 1.2 will resolve this, as well as building exposure for mutated methods (private/protected).

: 1.1.0– Extending from a mutated course now acquires those altered methods.

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