Download cloned Filmow Parser for Laravel

Jun 30

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High Resolution: No
Software program Version: MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5
Produced: 10 February 16
Software Framework: Laravel
Last Update: 10 February 16
Documents Included: PHP
Tags: motion picture, imdb, television program, filmow, parser



 Information Filmow Parser for Laravel is a PHP class that allows you to obtain details from any kind of title (motion pictures and also television shows) from and quickly integrate with your Laravel job in much less than 2 minutes.With this course you could order the following info from any kind of title: Title; Original Title; Poster LINK; Release Year; Plot; Score; Supervisor; Runtime; Cast (organized and individual); Styles (organized and specific); Compatibility This class is suitable with any version of Laravel 5 or higher. Needs It’s constantly recommended to utilize an atmosphere or a vps where Composer is available for Laravel applications.Before investing in, please make certain your server has actually Composer installed as well as contends least PHP 5.5.9 running.Overall requirements of Laravel: PHP >>= 5.5.9
OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Expansion Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Expansion

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