Download nulled Chop Chop – HTML5 Game

Jul 06

Official price: 14$ | Demo url





 Cut Chop is a HTML5 video game where you provide a postal worker that functions for an article office to cut to approve or deny the envelope.

The ZIP bundle contains the game with 1024 u00d7 768 resolution that ranges proportionally to fit present display gadget.

Ways to Play: 1. Use finger or mouse to press and also hold stamp rubber to removal around 2. Press on the blinking stamp to cut 3. Chop on all the stamps for following envelope within timer 4. Reject the inadequate postage article


This video game is compatible with Scoreboard for HTML5 Gamings, it is a add-ons web page where user could submit score and view top 10 leaderboard. You can get it here.


Full modification (Timer, Money Symbol, Date Style, Score, Rate, Text, Photos).
Envelopes information (Properties, Name, Address).
Stamps could be modification conveniently (Assets, Price).
Share Rating (Facebook, Twitter, Google).
High Interpretation (1024 u00d7 768).
Auto-Resize (Receptive).
Mouse and also Touch Controls.
Run in all platforms (Mobile, COMPUTER, and so on).
Browser not sustain web page.
Mobile turn guideline (For Landscape Only).
Make with CreateJS.

Version 1.2:.
Repaired iphone Safari fullscreen.

Version 1.1:.
Repaired Facebook share issue.

Usage finger or computer mouse to press and also hold stamp rubber to removal about 2. Press on the blinking stamp to chop 3. Chop on all the stamps for next envelope within timer 4. Turn down the not enough postage post

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