Download nulled Colorbox Theme Pack copy

Jul 06

The price: 7$ | Tryout script


: IE9, Firefox, Chrome, IE10, Safari



 This pack includes 12 themes for “Colorbox– a jQuery Lightbox”. If you require to make modifications to some of the picture sprites, a number of source PSDs are likewise offered. The themes included are:

Vintage: Patterned history w/ vignette darkness as well as luxuriant corners

Dark-Rimmed: Big next/previous switches on the sides, and also a nice clear inscription overlay

Minimal: For the minimalist/artsy website. Light greys and white.

Very little v2– Circles: Variant on a minimal theme with larger circular navigating

Sketch/ Toon: Features caption as a tooltip, and also big colorful switches

NoImage: A better default beginning theme without photos

NoImage Rounded: Spherical edge version (CSS3 border-radius).

NoImage Blue: Utilizes various shades of blue. Example of how to tint the style.

Photograph: Styled like a photograph, as well as pictures have an inset darkness.

Fancy Overlay: An accurate, common theme with tiny black & & white switches for navigation and also closing.

Darkness: Entirely concentrate on the picture, with a dark background & & a 1-pixel boundary.

WoodTable: The 2nd coolest style in the bunch, with a light wood background and skeuomorphic photo holders on the edges.

A screenshot sneak peek is offered for every motif. Complete paperwork and theme previewing is consisted of in readme.html.

This pack consists of 12 themes for “Colorbox– a jQuery Lightbox”. Numerous source PSDs are additionally readily available if you need to make adjustments to some of the photo sprites. The motifs consisted of are:

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