Fast Ability Animal. Swift. IOS 8.x/9.0

Jun 30

Cost: 13$ | Demo link


Tags: iOS GAME, Quick Capability Swift, ios 9, Fast Birds, Animals Video game, Xcode, speedy video game, Collision Birds, Swift Animals Video game
Compatible With: Swift
Software Version: iphone 8.0.x, iphone 8.3.x, iphone 8.1.x, iOS 8.2.x, iOS 9.0.x, iOS 8.4.x
Documents Included:. xib/. nib,. h,. m.
Last Update: 22 September 15.
Produced: 21 September 15.

: 21 September 15.



 Fast Ability is a video game made in Xcode 7 with Swift 2 for IOS 8. x/9.0.

The objective of the video game is to survive the maximum time pressing in the appropriate animal.

The game need to settings, Normal video game and Double game. In the Regular video game the pets appear from best side. In the Dual game the animals appear from left and appropriate sides.

The game consists of Game Center Leaderboards so you could compare your scores with various other players!

Video clip BELOW


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– Ways to alter the app id for rate.
– The best ways to change Leaderboard id.

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