Fast Color – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios

Jun 30

Official cost: 12$ | Demo url


Documents Included: HTML, JavaScript JS
Tags: tablet video game, colorful, quick color, ipad video games, tizen game, html5 game, apple iphone gamae, complete screen, browser video game, iOS VIDEO GAME, shade, color video game, android video game, colorrun, windows phone
Developed: 3 April 16
High Resolution: Yes
Suitable Internet browsers: Opera, Edge, IE11, Firefox, Safari, IE10, Chrome
Last Update: 3 April 16
Software application Version: GameMaker 1.4.x, HTML5.




HTML5 video game.
Hd (1024 u00d7 768)
. High Resolution
. car resize
. Game Work Horizontally
. Functions on all HTML5 web browsers
. Computer mouse & & Touch control
. Easy to Reskin
. Video game Made with Game Maker Studio
. Game Manufacturer Workshop Task Data consisted of + all resource
. Share High Rating on twitter
. Don’t Need a Server For Operate on Desktop
. Easy to export to android & & ios with intel xdk phonegap, CocoonJS– Ludei
. Easy to change noises without (Video game Manufacturer Studio)
. Easy Gameplay
. Could Modify image file with a photo editor to transform the game’s appearance

. game graphics made with inkscape.
i will be satisfied to hear your ideas and also opinions regarding the video game, so if you like compose a remark.
all NubiaStudio html5 games.

Video game Made with Game Maker Studio
. Game Manufacturer Studio Task File included + all resource
. Easy to transform audios without (Video game Manufacturer Studio)
. Could Edit picture data with a photo editor to change the game’s look


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