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Jun 30

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Produced: 9 August 14
Documents Included: JavaScript JSON, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, JavaScript JS
Suitable Web browsers: IE9, Chrome, Firefox, IE11, IE10, Safari, Opera, IE8.
High Resolution: No.
Software Version: PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, MySQL 4.x, PHP 4.x.
Tags: application, multi-user, fast-easy-calendar, modify, php, mysql, schedule, javascript, login, android.
Last Update: 19 September 16.



 Rapid & & Easy Schedule with application

A complete JavaScript calendar, with the base jQuery Fullcalendar and also a PHP/MySQL backend.
Place, update, resize, drag as well as go down products quick and easy with ajax telephone calls.
– It has a wonderful edit dialog for changing things with timepickers and also datepickers. You can additionally provide calendar items a custom shade.
– Persisting events are possible
– Include things by clicking on a day, add moredays things by clicking and also dragging your computer mouse, add things with a particular timerange promptly in the week- or day view by clicking and also dragging your mouse
– Decrease external items feasible
– Users could edit several points including username and also password in their profile and a setups dialog.
– Several optional areas, like place, summary, phone could be readied to noticeable in config.php.
– It supports language data, so you can add your own. The currently included languages are English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian, Czech and also Gloss.
– This schedule has the possibility to be accessed by login (customers can register themselves or admin could sign up individuals), ip or open gain access to.
– Numerous config choices, like dateformat as mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy etc. …
– Automatic back-up of the data source. Back-ups are conserved in the folder system/dbdump
– Touch pleasant
– Import users from a WordPress users table.
– You could install it in a subdomain of your wordpress setup as well as add a link into one of the web site web pages to the schedule.
Consist of occasions from an external table/database.

Single-user/ Multi-user
Shared calendar for all customers or one calendar each customer

With an Android app to conveniently put items right into the calendar, likewise offline!
You can add things without web link, they will be conserved in your phone till you have web connection as well as you can save them to the schedule.
New V2 version, with day- and timepickers as well as area- as well as summary areas.

Updates are totally free!

KEEP IN MIND: Some people appear to have trouble setting the path to the calendar. (FULLCAL_DIR in config.php).
This should be the course to your personal folder on your domain name with your carrier. You could discover it in your provider dashboard or by putting this on top of config.php: resemble getcwd();.
Others recognized startup issues are that the courses are established inaccurate in config.php and all the folders ought to be understandable and also system, templates_c and also system/dbdump should be writable by everybody.
A person was having issues since some data were writable by team. The service providers safety and security didn?t permit that and an Exception (softexception) was thrown. Making it not writable for group taken care of the issue.

recognized issue.

Working on.
Show occasions from various other sources: from Exchange.


Add a set up and update function to do the sql questions for you.

Update 1 (aug 2014):.
repaired a pest with wordcloud, when script tags were in calendar product.
updated paperwork.
included opportunity to configure your very own drag as well as decline items in config.php.

Update 2 (oct 2014):.
Repaired a bug with the passwordfield in the settings of the mobile app.
Added an improved and a lot more safe way of including users.
Individuals can change their userprofile and some setups currently.
Added Spanish language documents.
Included optional description-, location- as well as phone area, configurable in config.php.
Added assistance for recurring events.
Fields for establishing the recurrence get noticeable when the picked duration in the datepickers is even more compared to one week.
Included some config options, e.g. admin can change the dateformat: dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy.
Updated documentation.
The calendar can stretch to display.
Mouseover ‘delete-button’ re-introduced.
A loading sign.
Opportunity to abbreviate the title to a given length.
Description area in edit dialog.
Validate message before erasing a product.
Reoccuring occasions.
Admin could conveniently include individuals via a kind.

Update 3 (oct 2014):.
A repair for a deprecated mistake with preg_replace in PHP 5.5.
The timefields are hidden currently when the ‘allday’ checkbox is inspected on.
When a reoccuring event is opened as well as the dateformat is mm/dd/yy, repaired a pest with date areas.

Update 4 (jan 2015):.
– Added Polish language documents.
– Included search box, search results sight with possibility to visit specific thing in the calendar.
– Automatic back-up of complete data source. (make sure the folder/ system/dbdump is writable, set it to 773 so that the folder is not readable in the browser!).
– Included schedule table.
– Possibility to login with web link over the schedule, so currently it?s possible to allow non-users see the schedule when access kind is? login?.
– Admin can login by including?/ admin?
– Fixed deprecated mistake (eregi).
– Included new config-options.
– Added view dialog, to watch an event when not logged in.
– Config-option to identify if just admin can see the outside drag and drop products.
– Included shades in listview.
– Dealt with summary field and also shade not saving money on edit.
– Upgraded documents.
– Dealt with an insect with validation kind? email?.

Update 5 (11 jan 2015).
– Bugfix: when admin modifications a password of a user, the password of the admin was altered.
– Bugfix: the moments were not saved correctly when an occasion was included week or day view.
– Taken care of unwanted behavior when 2 internet browser tabs with both the calendar in it were opened up.
– New config options: to decide if the individual ought to see a message when adding or editing was not permitted and an additional choice that gives the admin complete control.
– Updated documentation.

Update 6 (13 jan 2015).
Dealt with 2 bugs, with USERNAME in the ‘adduser’ email and also the color choice was hidden in the edit dialog.

Update 7 (20 febr 2015).
Bugfix: when admin has full control and changed an occasion to a repeating event, the userID was lost.
Added a lot more sentences to the language documents.
Bugfix: the? bring back pattern? in some cases showed up when it shouldn?t show up.
Added a nicer color picker and the individual can transform the color of all his/her occasions at the same time.
Boosted the? add individual? dialog.
Added more performance to the admin location.

Update 8 (16 mar 2015).
Changed the included colorpicker (update7) to one more one (range), since it was creating a pest with dragging items in week view and day view.
Included the possibility of a mouseover with event details.
Included? other language? to the setups. This makes it much easier to include a languagefile that is not yet in the calendar. Included a scrolling timepicker which also sustains AM/PM.
Included possibility to reveal the events in AM/PM timeformat.
Upgraded paperwork as well as screenshots.
New config alternatives.

Update 9 (26 mar 2015).
Taken care of deprecated mysql_connect error.
Repaired the fallen short admin insert query, as a result of replicate mailaddress.
When including a new calendar, taken care of a problem with the colorpicker (didn?t tons the default color).
Taken care of a validation error in my PHP type recognition.
Improved design on mobile phone.
Taken care of: the first color went wrong on tons of the edit dialog.
Added posibility to disregard timezones.
Added lines to language files.
When deleting an item, included verify dialog.
Updated documentation.
New config alternative: IGNORE_TIMEZONE.

Update 10 (3 might 2015):.
Repaired an issue with disappointing mouseover of recurring occasions.
Included opportunity to reveal summary, area and phone in week view, day view and listing view.
Added sentences to language files.

Update 11 (3 may 2015):.
Taken care of 2 concerns with saving account as well as eventcolor.
Removed Evol colorpicker.

Update 12 (9 could 2015):.
Dealt with bug with checkbox for Sunday not being checked.
Taken care of: Products with starttime later on than 22:00:00 and also endtime 00:00:00 (twelve o’clock at night) were incorrectly moved to the following day.
Fixed problem that check out dialog had not been opening up.

Update 13 (23 juli 2015):.
– Program events from your very own existing table (various other data source). See the PDF for directions.
– Included yearly persisting opportunity, SQL update necessary, see update4.sql for existing users, for brand-new customers it’s in the total db_for_new_users. sql.
– New config choice: SHOW_LOCATION_IN_MOUSEOVER.
– Repaired concern that an item could be included when not logged in as well as ONLY_ADMIN_CAN_ADD_AND_EDIT held true.
– Dealt with bug that in some cases it was not feasible to edit an occasion.
– Dealt with problem with UTF8 encoding on search results page web page.
– Fixed issue that simply included occasion might not be resized quickly.

Update 14 (3-8-2015):.
Added link area (SQL question required, see update5.sql).
Added lines in language documents.

Update 15 (4-8-2015):.
Taken care of: an added url wasn’t clickable in weekview.

Update 16 (24-8-2015):.
Calendar name is currently configurable.
IMPORT CUSTOMERS FROM WORDPRESS TABLE: Added possibility to import individuals from WordPress wp_users table. (CSV).
TOUCH FRIENDLY: Made drag & & decrease and also daycell pick working with touch devices, configurable in config.php. Included Italian language file: langIT.js.
Fixed: url had not been established to empty when changing occasions.
Taken care of: when url was empty, null was visible in listview.
Dealt with issue: when creating an event in monthview, allDay checkbox need to be set to true.
Added checkbox in profile edit type to establish a user active.
Upgraded language documents.
Converted login type.

Update 17 (19-9-2015):.
Added Android app v2. New things are the date- and time pickers and location- as well as description area.
Added Czech language 3 brand-new config options, to establish which day wases initially day of week, whether weekend break is visible, which hour needs to be scrolled to originally and which hr needs to was initially visible hr: FIRSTDAY_OF_WEEK, SHOW_WEEKENDS, FIRST_SCROLL_HOUR, MIN_VISIBLE_TIME.
Dealt with: translation of login form was missing the language.
Dealt with: when updating an occasion in some situations the shade was reset to calendars default shade. Dealt with: deleting an admin really did not function.
Repaired: lengthy occasions that are a lot more days compared to 2 months where disappointed in a specific month when begin date was prior to the start of the month and also completion day was after completion of the month.
Modify: The dates are not instantly established any longer when the ‘error in dates’ mistake is not caused.
When you have an existing database with a table that has likewise the name ‘individuals’, you could define one more name for the calendar’s users table. Do this in/ model/users. class.php,/ model/settings. class.php and/ lib/utils. class.php.

Update 18 (4-10-2015):.
Included possibility to disable automatic database backup.
Included possibility to post as well as attach data to events, SQL upgrade as well as 2 config options included: SHOW_FILE_UPLOAD, MAX_EVENT_FILE_UPLOAD, always remember to include a writable folder: ‘uploads’.
Upgraded screenshots.
Repaired: when showAMPM set to real and also timepicker dateformat is dd/mm/yy, the startdate as well as enddate is incorrect after upgrading an event.

Update 19 (30-11-2015):.
Changed the name of an id: interval_day_div changed to interval_week_choice_div Beginning a recurring occasion is now more rational, with a checkbox. Added possibility to make fields needed for the edit dialog. Repaired: data expansion was undefined right after upload.

Update 20 (23-2-2016):.
Optimized routine.
Added opportunity to unable editing an event by 2 individuals at the very same time. (new config-option: SAVE_CURRENT_EDITING).
Dealt with: very first day of week, very first scroll hr and also minutes noticeable time were not functioning. Transformed feasible values for SCHEDULE_SQLDUMP to ‘day’, ‘hr’ or ‘never’.
Included lines to language data.

Update 21 (27-4-2016):.
Fixed: when altering the number of? every x weeks? of a regular repeating occasion, the updating was not fix. Added possibility to produce night-shifts Added icons on occasions for recurring and night-shift Included lines to languagefiles Included config-option: MAX_VISIBLE_TIME Fixed: $obj_db was undefined in 2 features in user.class.php.

Update 22 (29-6-2016):.
brand-new config-option: SHOW_ONLY_TITLE_WHEN_NOT_LOGGED_IN.
translated a number of words.

Update 23 (19-9-2016 ).
Taken care of: In php 7 it is not permitted to have a fitter with very same name as the name of the course. Dealt with: start day as well as end day where constantly readied to today when including a product from the mobile application. Modify: eliminated openness when 2 or more events where at the exact same time.

Latest Fullcalendar has assistance for restricting the quantity of events noticeable in 1 day as well as a plus to reveal the remainder of the occasions on that day, i will certainly aim to develop that in, just i have to go back to square one, due to the fact that Fullcalendar 2.x is completely various …

I am utilizing the mobile application for 3 years currently as a type of logbook. You could include items for today, tomorrow or yesterday. I will add a datepicker, so users can also pick to choose a day.

When you set up an upgrade do not copy whatever. It’s not required to update config.db.php.
You could check config.php to see if there are new config alternatives.

And always remember to earn the folder ‘templates_c’, system and publishes writable:.
for linux this would be:.
$> > chown nobody: nobody smarty/templates _ c.
$> > chmod 775 smarty/templates _ c.

In many cases a cache folder is also required:.
$> > mkdir smarty/cache.
$> > chown nobody: nobody smarty/cache.
$> > chmod 775 smarty/cache.

Clean coding.
All my applications are MVC. I do not do that unsightly HTML in PHP documents like lots of do, or perhaps Javascript in PHP files, like some below do …
All forms are verified for right customer input as well as only after that passed to the database.
Documents, SQL consisted of.

Added a scrolling timepicker which likewise supports AM/PM.
Included opportunity to create night-shifts Included icons on events for recurring and also night-shift Included lines to languagefiles Included config-option: MAX_VISIBLE_TIME Fixed: $obj_db was undefined in 2 functions in user.class.php.

Fixed: begin date and end date where always established to today when including a product from the mobile application. You could include things for tomorrow, today or yesterday. I will include a datepicker, so users could also select to select a date.