Fast Food App

Jun 30

The cost: 10$ | Click for demo


Tags: titanium, iphone application, app, junk food
Software application Variation: iphone 4.2, iphone 3.1, iphone 3.1 s.
Info Included: JavaScript JS.
Last Update: 2 December 10.
Developed: 30 November 10.



 This example is for a Fast Food Takeaway iphone theme constructed on Appcelerator’s Titanium. This boilerplate design template has conventional styling besides the symbols. From here you can use your personal graphics as well as capability.

Quick Food consists of:
– Several common tableViews with symbols
– Searchable Food selection
– A sample “Locations Map”
– Tab format

In brief: Code in javascript and also your app finishes up put together as an indigenous app that uses native iphone APIs. This application will certainly finish up being an indigenous iphone application using Titanium’s API.

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