FBC Code Editor

Jun 30

Price: 16$ | Demo




 Your best option in on-line files editting!
Likewise consists of DB editor, merely change to Database Admin in your editor and modify your database, at the same time when you are creating data.

Just submit one dir as well as edit your documents online.


Syntax highlighter sustains C-like langs, PHP, JS, CSS, XML and even more.
Editting numerous files simultaneously.
Edit/create/delete/ rename your files.
Database editor

At this time, I’m working with some optimalizations, better customer inferface, better mistake messages and also more! Will certainly come in version 0.4!

Real minor update!Updated error in service.php with longer data (which was still fixed via email).

New version has come (v0.3)!
V0.3 features:.

– SAVE AS feature – you can currently modify your documents as well as conserve it as an additional data!
– EXCLUDING FILES & & DIRS from documents browser.
– SafeStream procotol (much safer conserving data – it locks documents,.
while creating and also after opens).
– updated Adminer (Database Editor) to variation 3.7.1.

V0.2 features:.

– Data web browser – added options to DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD file!
– included icon to rejuvenate modified document (if you made some adjustments and also desire back.
initial file, you do not need to open up as well as close, simply click refresh switch).
– added symbol to open really edited data in new tab.
– configurable autosaving.
– configurable auto-opening last opened documents when you come back.
– included recommendations to jQuery, jQuery UI and Twitter Bootstrap.
– upgraded data source editor.
– symbol to open chosen file (on tablet computers is dual click scheduled, so currently you.
can easily open and also modify your documents on mobile gadgets & & tablet computers.
– fixed phrase structure emphasize for.less documents.
– and some optimalizations.

Special thanks to writers of:.

jQuery & & jQuery UI.
CodeMirror & & CodeMirror UI.
FAMFAMFAM (symbols).
Twitter Bootstrap.

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