Feedback Plugin with Angular Dashboard Admin

Jun 30

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Suitable Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE9, Safari
Files Included: CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS
Tags: jquery responses plugin, jquey, responses plugin, angular control panel, nodejs control panel
Developed: 13 May 15
Last Update: 14 October 15
Software program Version: Various other, Node.js, jQuery.



 This thing supplies responses widget that allows you to collect real-time feedback on your website.
It is really easy to establish up as well as tailor your feedback form and also place it on your web site.
It could be made use of as FAQ, ideas bank, insect radar.
This item come with different Angular Control panel Admin Panel created making use of nodejs and mongo for backend.
Easy to establish as well as totally customize your feedback Self-hosted customer feedback software application as well as support group Easy to prolong the Admin Panel Admin Panel based upon Bootstrap and Angular Easy to minify as well as uglify plugin using grunt script Your personal customer management system with management legal rights


add theme suport add worldly style repair information panel

shop original url to responses item include brand-new approaches to comments api include automobile create responses buttons to all web pages

include last version of Bootstrap (v3.3.4) add last variation of jQuery (v1.11.0) clean css after remove old Bootstrap deal with some misspelling

create basic web server based upon specific handle admin users and also store qualifications to mongo db develop design usign bootstap 3.0 as well as angular js create responsive control panel include comments admin page to dashboard handle all feedbacks (approve and unapprove, search) add feedback page to reveal all approved comments include jquery feedback plugin to web page

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