FFMPEG Ultimate

Jun 30

Cost: 10$ | Demo link


Suitable Web browsers: IE8, Opera, IE7, IE9, Safari, Firefox, IE6, Chrome
Produced: 19 October 10
Files Consisted of: PHP
Tags: info, conversion, fastforward, mix, thumb, sound, convert, extract, image, cut, append, sneak peek, join, ffmpeg, video
Software Variation: PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 4.x
Last Update: 24 October 10



 FFMPEG Ultimate offer complying with functions

Make Quick ahead preview of any kind of video clip.

Make quickly sent sneak peek of the video.For example If you need a 20 second quick sent preview of video, This technique can produce an outcome video which is entire video clip fast forwarded to fit in 20 seconds.You could supply input data area, Output folder place, Outcome filename, Duration of sneak peek in secs, Dimension of sneak peek

Cut Audio/Video Documents

Cut a part of video clip or audio. For instance if you wish to reduce a video clip or sound from 20th second onwards to 3rd min, you can use this method.You can provide input documents location, Result folder location, Output filename, Begin time of preview in secs( hh: mm: ss [ xxx] is likewise sustained), Duration of cut in secs
Remove an image from any part of video clip in any kind of dimension

Extract a picture from any part of video in any type of dimension.You could supply input file place, Output folder location, Output filename, Time in video clip to take photo (hh: mm: ss [xxx] is also sustained), Measurement of picture

Include Audio to video

Add a Sound File To A Video File.This approach will blend the sound to video file.You could provide input video clip documents location, input sound data location, Result folder place, Result filename

Join Video clips

Sign up with Two Video clips, that is one after another.You can provide input video clip file area, input second video documents location, Output folder place, Output filename

Covert File to lots of styles
Convert A Documents From One Format To One more Format.Examples conversions are MP4 to FLV, FLV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, MP4 to AVI, AVI to MP4, WAV to MP3, AVI to FLV.You could provide input documents location, Outcome folder place, Outcome filename, As well as Format of outcome
Obtain Info of video clip

Get Information Of A File.You could supply input documents location.Output is a range with all info about a video clip or sound like bitrate, period, video clip height, video size, audio hz, audio networks, file size
Eliminate a directory or just it contents

If delete directory site too false if simply delete it components, remove a directory and its components OR simply the materials maintaining the directory.You could supply folder name to delete as well as real
All choices are completely customizable.

CRUCIAL KEEP IN MIND: This script needs FFMPEG mounted on your server

Cut a component of video clip or sound. If you desire to reduce a video or audio from 20th second onwards to Third min, you can use this method.You could provide input file place, Output folder area, Output filename, Start time of sneak peek in secs( hh: mm: ss [Extract a photo from any kind of component of video clip in any kind of dimension.You can provide input file area, Outcome folder area, Outcome filename, Time in video to take photo (hh: mm: ss [