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Jun 30

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Software Variation: PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.3
Developed: 17 May 16
High Resolution: No
Tags: documents schedule, data download, information download calendar, documents download, download schedule, download documents, documents download calendar, calendar.
Compatible Internet browsers: Opera, IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE9.
Files Consisted of: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript JS.
Last Update: 18 March 17.



File Download and install Calendar is manuscript which assist you to present calendar to download documents. File will be split right into day-to-day, once a week, annual or monthly, which is downloaded and install on corresponding calendar. It will be essential for you to take care of documents base on time like record.

Admin Panel

Schedule via day

There are 2 sights for your option: schedule and also documents list. You can set preliminary deem listing of data
Checklist of documents.

Why select Documents Download and install Schedule? Admin panel to take care of files. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual file. Download and install data via schedule. Completely responsive. …

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Variation 1.4 (18 Mar 2017) – Deal with: Error ‘Can not modify header info’.

Variation 1.3 (06 Oct 2016) – Deal with: Warning when web server work on rigorous setting.

Variation 1.2 (22 Sep 2016) – Repair: Navigate month and also year on caledar. – Fix: Delete and also Standing switch in admin. – Update: Modification image loading.gif (tranparent).

Variation 1.1 (28 May 2016) – Update: Add file list view. – Update: Add some alternatives (initial view, show/hide switch button, …). – Update: Add field name for data. – Update: Customize design of schedule (day/week/month/ year).

Variation 1.0 (17 May 2016) – First launch.

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File Download and install Calendar is script which help you to display calendar to download data. File will certainly be separated right into daily, regular, yearly or month-to-month, which is downloaded on corresponding calendar. Why choose File Download and install Calendar? Download and install files by means of schedule. …

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