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Software application Framework: CodeIgniter
Software Variation: MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.3
Documents Included: JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL, CSS
Tags: paypal, sale, stripe, industry, sell, bitcoin, digital downloads, download, market electronic downloads, electronic
Last Update: 21 June 16
High Resolution: No
Suitable Internet browsers: Chrome, Opera, IE10, Firefox, Safari, IE11
Developed: 28 April 15

: 28 April 15



 Marketing items online or digital downloads is very easy with Filesale.
Filesale job excellent for every little thing from music (mp3’s), e-books, PDFs, webinars, movies, layouts, photos as well as other kind of downloadable file.

Newest Update (June 20, 2016).

CodeIgniter Internet Structure upgraded to 3.0.6.

Most recent Update (Aug 15, 2015).

– Bitcoin Added.
– Your web server get documents and also stream download and install to buyer. The initial place is not visible.

Latest Update (May 18, 2015).
– Red stripe Included.

Test account you could attempt:.

Paypal email: [email protected]

Paypal e-mail: [email protected]

Password: Wedfr45tqw.

Example link:

Key Qualities:.

Easy to set up.
CodeIgniter 2.2 based.

Web server Demands:.

Webserver such as Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc
. PHP version 5.3 or higher. MySQL variation 5 or higher (Needs 1 Database).
Mysqli extension (enabled by default).



Admin area.


username: admin.

password: 123456.

How you can obtain PayPal Api username, password, app as well as trademark ID info.

My jobs:.

Businesses And Starting In One Single

Certainly a large amount are of points once you home based, to consider. You run-out of one’s property this article will give you the aid you need, so that you understand how to help it become prosperous if you need support getting the do of a company.

There would be for anybody considering a house enterprise a great tip to carefully consider what sort of workspace is actually possible inside the house itself. Because one of many key benefits of home-businesses is their overhead that is low, it is very important to use existing residence space within an efficient approach. In this way, it will be possible while sustaining comfort and the type of the property atmosphere, to increase workspace.

By becoming an expert inside your subject, create confidence in your company. Take up a blog for the home based business, and compose content based on subjects that are appropriate. A blog is helpful to your customers and develops constructive experience of your model in the same time. Best yet, the blog is an instant generator for your website.

Take the home all -business-tax breaks which are legally permitted. As an example, you’re able to take an additional phone line or perhaps a mobile phone’s cost although you use it entirely to your enterprise, but be sure to preserve satisfactory documents to show your breaks. Taking all permissible write-offs of what you earn, can help you keep more.

As being a home-based business seller it’s crucial that you protect your business tips that are initial. Should you not take steps to guard yourself, it’s very probable that someone may grab your organization ideas. Take the methods that are mandatory to brand your organization title and logo. You can also copyright what exactly you publish for your enterprise and also you could even have and indisputable fact that may be branded. Being a home based business seller, it’s your accountability to protect your suggestions that are exclusive.

Make an effort to highlight your familiarity with your merchandise. Produce posts that are online and put your contact information inside them. Search for classes as possible participate and think about additional prospects to get embroiled. The standing of your business will increase the more you set oneself available.

Develop an outline for your home business that can describe what it’s that you simply do within just three paragraphs. For those who have to spend an excellent bit of period conveying what it is that you just do, you may not possess the plan that you might want to own to succeed.

Consider income to be increased by good images. Nothing is more disappointing to shoppers than traveling the Web for something to purchase and stumbling across an item that sounds excellent but has a bad or non-existent snapshot that is. Let shoppers see by presenting quality images in your website of all of the items that you present, the things they are acquiring. Take when required, multiple photographs to show unique opinions.

As was explained at this article’s beginning, having a home business requires a large amount of work and follow up in several distinct areas. Recommendations and the guidelines here should help anybody who previously has or is wishing to begin a home based organization make it more productive.