Flat Skin Retina for VideoJS

Jul 06

Retail price: 15$ | Click here for demo





Video.js that is open resource HTML5 & & Flash video player, as well as YouTube and also Vimeo (with plugins), made use of on over 200,000 web sites
Skin with Flat Style
Retina Ready & & Totally Responsive
Limitless colors– any kind of colour you like
9 Different Trials
HTML5 & & CSS3
Support and also updates
Wishlist Support
SVG files consisted of and also Well Documented

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Level Skin Retina for VideoJS 6 project– 18 April 2017.
Variation 2.1 fixbug and also style look better– 06 December 2016.
Variation 2.0 redesign/ simple for following upgrade– 24 October 2016.
Support videojs-logo/ videojs-watermark– 04 March 2016.
Flat Skin Retina for VideoJS 5 project– 01 January 2016.
Introduce: Apartment Skin for VideoJS 4 task– 20 September 2015.

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