FLATCMS for static websites

Jul 06

The cost: 29$ | Click for demo


: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Safari, Opera, IE11



 FLATCMS– One of the most straightforward cms there is
Turn any existing static website right into a CMS material monitoring system in a couple of mins. Edit, upload, resize and also handle files and also photos.
FLATCMS can be utilized on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer . Functions with language documents (presently available English, Spanish, Italian, German and also Dutch ). Create in minutes a centimeters for a client with static html documents.
Uses Bootstrap, Optimal safety (with brute pressure protection), xHTML valid sourcecode and also the most recent TinyMCE 4

FLATCMS is among one of the most straightforward Content Management System (CMS) there is. With FLATCMS the proprietor of a site can quickly edit the content. This does not require any kind of knowlegde about internet sites or HTML.

You can set up FLATCMS in any kind of existing website or just make use of a html template. FLATCMS will then understand which parts it’s permitted to modify. This permits you to easily transform the configuration, like hiding particular folders, switch on/off buttons for various residential properties settings in the (WYSIWYG) Editor or changing the language as well as established the login code for a user.
Go to http://www.flatcms.nl to consider the demonstration (admin as well as descriptions).

I additionally made a small trial with a one web page bootstrap design template and flatcms.
Most likely to http://bootstrap.flatcms.nl/ as well as check out the source just how I included the editable regions.
Go to http://bootstrap.flatcms.nl/admin/ to log in as well as see how it appears like in the admin (login admin– 1 ). I made this instance in 10 minutes!

One more trial has been made with my facebook touchdowns page. I added some customized obstructs so the content will certainly be filled with facebook data however the individual could add some additional text in those blocks. See Customized Text header http://facebook.flatcms.nl/.
From there you could click to see the admin (login admin– 1 ).
It’s actually simple to mount FLATCMS.

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