miniTweets for Joomla – Embed Twitter Data

Jul 07

Cost: 11$ | Demo link





 Description miniTweets for Joomla is a powerful plugin wich permits embed Timelines, Searches, Hashtags or individual Plates from Twitter, also consists of a smart cache system with car backup.
Intelligent, trackable, as well as gorgeous, run your personal twitter powered website currently!
Smart cache! When Twitter API fails or we need to revitalize, and information is inaccessible, miniTweets alternative to backup, When API is on the internet once more cache is rejuvenate.

Main Features:
Embed any kind of kind of information directly from Twitter. Enable Shortcodes in Joomla!

Intelligent cache with Autobackup. 6 Different features: Browse Numerous Hashtags Timeline Standing Customer Plate

Faster, powered by CURL. Material trackable for search engines! Clean layout. OOP code.

Exactly what you leave package:
miniTweets Plugin
Full documentation


Joomla 2x
php 5.3.x


Included on downloaded and install file.

Live Demostration:

Demos [wp variation]
Demo [joomla version]
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