warehouse management system

Jul 06

Price: 22$ | Demo


: 27 April 15.



 php web application for warehouse monitoring system whose primary objective is to handle the motion and storage space of items within a stockroom, that help to manage all items acquisition as well as sales from anywhere implies that any type of internet browser can be a tool to utilize the application through the internet,
this application can take care of amount, settlements, billings … and so on
can take care of additionally distributors, customers, customers, supervisors.

Secret Functions:.

u2022 items Administration.
u2022 Billing manufacturer.
u2022 product Image Upload.
u2022 Classifications.
u2022 quantity equilibrium calculation.
u2022 total payment computation.
u2022 Totally receptive layout.
u2022 simple setup procedure.
Beautiful but u2022 simple user interface.
u2022 User consents Monitoring.
u2022 Provider Management.
u2022 clients administration.
u2022 validate forms prior to insert details.
u2022 password_hash system.


1. product Component.
2. Billing Component.
3. Login Component.
4. group Module.
5. Individual Module.
6. Supplier Module.
7. client Module.
8. firm Module.

Individual Roles:.

1. Admin.
2. manager.
3. Individual.

For a demonstration of all the functions please visit.
Live Preview.

email: [email protected]

password: 123123.

for screening user as well as manager permissions please create brand-new user with duty of individual or supervisor to test features.

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