Water Attack – HTML5. Construct 2 Game (.Capx)

Jul 06

Official price: 11$ | Demo url


: tower protection, action, mobile video game, torpedo, Construct 2 game, Touch To Play, boat, ammo, alien, easy game, water strike, html5 video game



 Oil vessels as well as containers drifting towards the lighthouse. Knocking tanker we gain factors and also transfer to the next level. Boat moves ammunition in the game. We have the capacity to call air support and attack the tankers. Strike from the air have less damage than a torpedo. In the video game as there are buoys, after 5 degree. movement speed differs depending upon the level of the video game.

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The game deal with many prominent web browsers;
Easy export to Android and IPHONE systems;
Extremely simple modification, reskin
Consisting of Constuct 2 documents (. capx).

Data includes.

Project data Construct 2.
All Photos.
HTML5 video game.

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Knocking tanker we earn factors as well as move to the next level. Boat carries ammo in the video game. We have the capacity to call air assistance and also assault the vessels. In the video game as there are buoys, after 5 degree.

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