Water Reflection

Jul 06

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Tags: html5, atmosphere, canvas, water reflection, effect, vibrant, ambience, representation, wave, javascript, water, animation
Software program Variation: jQuery
High Resolution: No
Data Consisted of: JavaScript JS, HTML
Suitable Internet browsers: Chrome, Opera, IE11, Safari, Firefox, IE9, IE10
Last Update: 15 January 17
Developed: 20 December 13



 This is a jQuery plugin for vibrant water reflection effect. Add a reasonable looking dynamic water representation to any kind of picture with this manuscript.


Functions with all html5 Browsers, sustains Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and also IE9 +
Support multiple circumstances on one web page.
Option to set the size and also the elevation of the primary container’s window.
Option to set the water color.
Choice to establish the representation opacity.
Alternative to establish the structure count.
Choice to set the computer animation interval.
Option to establish the wave size X.
Alternative to establish the wave length Y.
Detail Assist Html Documents consisted of.

please see the online preview.

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